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Bath Soak Tubes

Bath Soak Tubes

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Bath Soak

Try out our NEW Bath Soaks! Our Bath Soak Tubes are the perfect amount for 1 Bath, so they're the best way to figure out your favourite one!

Our Bath Soaks use a muscle relieving and skin softening combination of ingredients to create the ultimate bathing experience. Choose from:

🧡 Dreamy - A gorgeous blend of Coconut, Vanilla Oils, calming Oatmeal, a real dream to experience

🍉 Juicy Watermelon - Fruity and fresh, this soak is relaxing and rejuvenating. Scented in, of course, our favourite Juicy Watermelon.

🍋 Raspberry Lemonade - Bring back summer vibes with this fun and fruity soak combining Raspberries and Lemon zest.

💜 The Relaxer - Enjoy an indulgent and rejuvenating soak scented with Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

💝 One of Each! - Try all 4 of our Bath Soaks (with a little discount too!)

How to use:
Whilst your bath or foot spa is filling up, pour all of the Bath Soak Tube in. Be sure to do this at least 5 minutes before getting into the bath as the salts need time to dissolve.

Magnesium Salt, Himalayan Salt, Rock Salt, Fragrance/Essential Oil, Mica Colourant (FDA Approved), Botanicals
*Fragrance/Essential Oil and Botanicals may be used depending which Bath Soak you’ve selected*

These Bath Soaks are suitable for sensitive skin, and are Vegan friendly. However, if you're unsure about any ingredients in our products, we recommend to consult with your healthcare professional prior to use.

Our Recommendation:
We love using our Bath Bombs in combination with our Bath Soak range. They make your experience all the more amazing and give extra love to your skin!

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