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Sleepy Head Bubble Bath

Sleepy Head Bubble Bath

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It's time to unwind, sleepy head!

Dreamy Bubbles, Lavender Kisses & Tonka Bean Bliss

Let the soothing symphony of Lavender and Tonka Bean turn bath time into a dreamy escape.

How to use: Pour, froth and let the tub party begin. Dive in, actually carefully get in because it may be slippery, let the bubbles take over and soak up the fun! Pairs perfectly with a Bath Bomb and Bath Soak!

This is for external use only. Please read the ingredients and do a test patch first.

Sensitive Skin Friendly Ingredients: Purified Water, Water, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, CDE80 (palm free), Vegetable Glycerin, Sea Salt, Liquid Dyez Colourant, Fragrance and Essential Oils. External use only. Patch test prior to use.

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