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Bath Bombs that will make Bath Time SO MUCH EASIER!

4 Bath Bombs you need to try if your children don't like Bath Time!

When I first started Hot Mess Body, I didn't realise I was creating a product that would be so helpful to parents and children for Bath Time! I started Hot Mess Body because I love Bath Bombs and when I realised how much our Bath Bombs helped make Bath Time much more exciting for young ones, we knew we had to create some really fun ones for them! These 4 Bath Bombs will help encourage Bath Time:


1. The Dino Toy Bath Bomb

This fun Bath Bomb will burst out colours of Orange and Purple and the scent of Grape Bubblegum, awesome right? Well it gets better, with 30 different Dinosaurs to collect! 

Try one here


2. The Unicorn Toy Bath Bomb

A beautiful scent of Blackberries and Strawberries! After watching the beautiful shades of blue, pink and purple fizz out, you'll find a Unicorn Toy inside! Either an adorable silicone Unicorn Ring to wear after bath time, or an adorable mini Unicorn figurine! 

Try one here


3. The Rainbow Waffle Bath Bomb

Rainbow Waffle Bath Bomb From Hot Mess Body Made In Australia Vegan Friendly Cruelty Free Handmade With Love

What is more fun the a Rainbow Bath Bomb? One that is Rainbow and shaped like a Waffle! This one is such a hit because you can break it up into 3 - 4 uses or use it all at once! So fun!

Try one here


4. The Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb

We've saved the best for last (in my opinion!), this white fluffy cloud shaped Bath Bomb smells incredibly of Juicy Watermelon AND it bursts out a hidden Rainbow! The ultimate Bath Bomb no matter your age!

Try one here


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