Sneaky Advent Calendar Product List

If you're reading this, you've obviously clicked the link because you cannot contain your excitement, and I don't blame you - these Advent Calendars are EPIC!
Okay, there's no turning back now (well there is, just close the tab if you want to keep it a surprise!)...
  1. 20G Christmas Candy Body Lotion
  2. 70G Raspberry Lemonade Bath Soak
  3. Tea from Tea Tonic + HMB Voucher
  4. 20G Summer Glow Body Scrub
  5. Honey Blossom Bath Bomb
  6. Enamel Pin
  7. 70G Candy Cane Shower Steamer
  8. 70G Christmas Cookie Bath Soak
  9. Juicy Pomegranate Bath Bomb
  10. 20G Almond + Honey Body Lotion
  11. 20G Buttercream Vanilla Lip Exfoliator
  12. Beachside Christmas Soy Melt
  13. Christmas Day Bath Bomb
  14. 70G Christmas Cocktail Bath Soak
  15. Sweet as Sugar Jewellery Earrings
  16. Watermelon Wonderland Soy Melt
  17. 70G Lemon Coconut Shower Steamer
  18. 20G Take Time To Love Yourself Body Scrub
  19. 20G Flower Power Whipped Soap
  20. Orange Blossom Bath Bomb
  21. Lip Conditioner
  22. Refresher Shower Steamer
  23. Passionfruit Bath Bomb
  24. 20G Double Berry Bang Whipped Soap
  25. 20G Nourish Clay Face Mask + HMB Voucher
  1. 50G Coconut Lime Bath Bomb (Neon Green with Blue Embed inside)
  2. 50G Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb (Pastel Pink with Magenta Embed inside)
  3. 50G Christmas Candy Bath Bomb (White and Purple with Glitter and Purple Embed inside)
  4. 50G Pink Apple Bath Bomb (Neon Pink with Yellow Embed Inside)
  5. 50G Pear and Lily Bath Bomb (Pastel Green and White)
  6. 50G Lemon Meringue Bath Bomb (Neon Blue with Yellow Embed Inside)
  7. 50G Banana Smoothie Bath Bomb (Neon Green and Yellow Speckles)
  8. 50G Coastal Christmas Bath Bomb (White and Blue)
  9. 50G Feelin' Fresh Bath Bomb (Neon Blue with Neon Yellow Embed Inside and Cornflowers Inside)
  10. 50G Lychee Black Tea Bath Bomb (Neon Pink, Purple and Yellow)
  11. 50G Fresh Pear Bath Bomb (Light Green with Neon Green Embed Inside)
  12. 50G Pink Peonies Bath Bomb (Pastel Pink with Rose's on top)
  13. 50G Honey Blossom Bath Bomb (Magenta Pink and Yellow layers)
  14. 50G Strawberry Daquiri Bath Bomb (Neon Red with Silver Glitter and Neon Pink Embed Inside)
  15. 50G Christmas Flowers Bath Bomb (Yellow with Cornflowers on top and Neon Pink Embed Inside)
  16. 50G Tigerlily Blossom Bath Bomb (Neon Orange and White)
  17. 50G Beachside Christmas Bath Bomb (Half Neon Yellow and Blue)
  18. 50G Juicy Pomegranate Bath Bomb (Neon Purple with Red Embed Inside)
  19. 50G Orange Blossom Bath Bomb (Neon Orange with Pink Embed Inside)
  20. 50G Blackberry and Strawberry Bath Bomb (Layers of Neon Pink and Neon Purple)
  21. 50G Summer Christmas Bath Bomb (Speckles of Neon Blue, Neon Yellow and Neon Green)
  22. 50G Waterlily Bath Bomb (White and Pastel Blue Speckles with Neon Blue Embed Inside)
  23. 50G Passionfruit Bath Bomb (Layers of Neon Purple, Orange and Yellow)
  24. 50G The Relaxer Bath Bomb (Light Purple with neon Purple Embed Inside with Lavender Flowers)
  25. 50G Christmas Day Bath Bomb + HMB Voucher (Neon Purple and White Speckles with Magenta Embed Inside)
    *These items aren't listed in the exact order you'll receive them*
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