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Self Care Starter Kit #1

Hot Mess Body

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Self Care Starter Kit #1 - Hot Mess Body

We have a limited quantity so we recommend ordering asap!

Welcome to our first Self Care Kit. We are so excited to offer you a beautiful range of products (sourced only from small businesses)! 
These Self Care Starter Kits have been hand made with so much love, in hope that it will help bring a bit more self love, gratitude and self care into your life!
This is also the perfect gift for your best friend, family member, partner, teacher, literally anyone who needs a bit of self love at the moment (pretty much all of us, right?).
Please pick your preferred items then add to cart. If you're purchasing as a gift, please fill out the address the gift will be going to and we can send it for you. We can also write out a personalised message for you too! Additional information regarding the Virtual Meditation will be emailed out, along with a physical copy of the voucher, which is included in the Starter Kit. 
Product Info
Hot Mess Body:
Choose between our:
- Botanical Shower Pack (250ML Relaxer Body Wash, 2 x 70G Refresher Shower Steamers and 1 Body Loofah)
- Botanical Bath Pack (300G Coco Rose Bath Soak, 200G Coco Rose Bath Bomb, 200G Relaxer Bath Bomb)
- Hot Messy Shower Pack (250ML Rainbow Ice Cream Body Wash, 250G Don't Eat Me Walnut Body Scrub, 1 Body Loofah)
- Hot Messy Bath Pack (300G Mermaid Bath Soak, 120G Donut Bath Bomb, 200 G Peppermint Candy Apple Bath Bomb)
5 x Positive Affirmation Cards


Tea from Tea for She:
Choose between Peppermint Twist and Secret Garden, both amazing! Each Tea will make 20 cups!


Candle from Wild Alchemy Creations: 
Choose between the indulgent Burnt Fig and Guava or the delicious Vanilla Slice. Candles are 192G with 35 hours burn time!

Eye Collagen Mask from Tracey Glynn Fashions:           
A rejuvenating treat for your eyes! 


Group Booking Guided Meditation with Body Mastery Studio:
I personally love these guided meditations! They've helped ground and re centre me through this stressful time! This session consists of 1 hour of meditation but trust me, you'll want to book in for more! Let stress, anxiety and tensions melt away. Allow your whole Body to be in stillness. Listen to what your Body needs to feel nourished, energised and supported.


Businesses you've supported in 1 gift pack!

Hot Mess Body - Bath and Body Products, Positive Affirmation Cards

Wild Alchemy Creations - Hand Poured Candles

Tracey Glynn Fashions - Eye Collagen Masks

Tea for She - Handcrafted Tea

Body Mastery Studio - Virtual Meditation Group Class

Centaur Packaging - Hamper Box/Packaging

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